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After a lot of contemplation I decided to create a space where I could document my love for interior design. Using my knowledge of graphic and web design I created my own personal website and blog where I share interior styling tips, DIY projects, thrift store finds, mood boards, and more.
Hues & Honey
Hues & Honey was created after a friend asked me to create a couple of digital portraits for her new home. After posting them on social media, I was shocked by an overwhelming amount of requests for custom artwork. I quickly created a logo, and instagram account and a new business was born. Within a year I have completed over 200 custom design projects from digital portraits to invitations, menus, and logos.
The Eclectic Goat
Hobby turned business, The Eclectic Goat is an online store where I source and sell vintage home decor and furniture. The Eclectic Goat has been a rewarding outlet that merges not only my love for vintage goods, but marries my graphic design, photography and content creation skills.
Willow Creek Signs
At Willow Creek Signs I have implemented branding systems, developed a new website for the company, created and managed social media platforms, designed logos for new companies and businesses, & created brand brooks to sell and create commercial signage.
August Bleu Designs
Throughout my time working at August Bleu I illustrated several designs for the graphic T-shirt brand. Some of these designs include their popular farm animal series as well as shirts for their holiday collections.
Logo designs and concepts for my personal businesses and clients that I have worked with.
Branding system for a contemporary clothing brand created during my senior year at Texas Tech University.
All Good Things
Branding system for a contemporary wine bar that I created during my senior year at Texas Tech University.
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